We Specialize in all your Commercial needs, we offer. California Commercial Auto Insurance – General Liability Insurance /Workmen’s Compensation Insurance / Garage Keepers / Business Owner Policy - We shop Multiple Agency’s to get the best results. We try to offer not only the best price, but the best coverage to fit your individual needs as well.

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“Commercial Auto insurance, OTS in El cajon, Ca. has many options to choose from, we check each company for the best rates and options. We offer current insurance discounts and higher limits. Small Business owners do have options when it comes to Commercial Auto Insurance. Our agents try and “Bundle” autos together, Commercial Auto insurance has options for Vehicles that are not used of the business. The Small Business owner is able to enjoy one low payment for all of his/her vehicles under one policy.“

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Do you need Commercial Auto Insurance to Protect your small business?

A minor fender-bender can have a major impact on your business. And without proper insurance, your business could be responsible for repair costs, medical expenses and more.

A Small business owner doesn’t need to take unnecessary risks. If your business owns, leases, or rents vehicles, or has employees who drive their own vehicles for your business use, you should consider calling us for advice and a quote on Commercial Auto Insurance in El Cajon, Ca.

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We offer Highly specialized coverage for Contractors – If you are Plumber, Landscaper, Carpenter, Painter, Pool Cleaner, Auto Detailer or an Electrician. A contractor’s truck is usually filled with expensive tools and equipment — leaving you with the risk of damage or theft as it’s driven to job sites and parked for the day. Our agents can help as you choose the best Business coverage for the tools of your trade. From Commercial Auto Insurance, General Liability, Business Owner Policy to Workmen’s Comp, On The Spot Insurance in San Diego, Ca. can get you covered. Call us 619-596-7722

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